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Welcome to Club Jive ... Where Music Matters

Our next event will be our Big 2 Room Festive Freestyle,

the annual Club Jive ‘Hogma Hoot’,

on Friday 28th December.

Book now to guarantee your place, and save money!

Please see the event page for further details.

Plastic Waste: Let's go green & clean

Please help us to reduce our plastic waste by bringing your own

cups/glasses along to our events if you possibly can.

Around 12 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the sea each year.

Sea creatures can get tangled up in plastic, or mistake it for food.

We can all do our bit to reduce the disastrous effects of our

plastic waste on the environment. So why not go green, and B.Y.O.?

Let's work together to try and reduce the damage we cause.

We will continue to provide plastic cups for those that don't have their own, but

please consider an alternative approach. Thank you for your co-operation.

Data Protection

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

we have created a privacy policy which can be viewed here.


A large multi storey car park is conveniently available,

adjacent to the rear of the venue, with a charge of 50p per hour

 in the evening period (first 30 mins free).

Please see our Parking at Addlestone page for details.

Club Jive is aimed at experienced 'modern jive',

‘smooth jive’, & swing & blues dancers in the Surrey area (UK),

who are looking for something more.

We operate regular Modern Jive 'freestyle' dances, and strive to provide

great music and ambience to optimally enhance your dancing pleasure.

We are now running regular 2 room events.

Future dates will follow this format wherever possible.

Whether you consider yourself to be a ‘modern jive’ dancer,

or a ‘Ceroc’ or ‘Leroc’ dancer, you are, of course,

most welcome to attend our events.

Why not come and try the one they’re all talking about!